Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Anxiety and Panic Disorders: Unveiling the Knot and Exploring how Equine Facilitated Therapy can help.

Anxiety, a constant companion for many, manifests as unease, worry, or nervousness in response to perceived threats or stressful situations. While a normal dose of ...
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Overthinking to Overjoyed: Breaking Free from the Cycle

Do you ever feel like your mind is a runaway train, constantly churning through thoughts, doubts, and what-ifs? Does overthinking paralyze you, making decisions daunting ...
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Be Grateful for being YOU!!

Thanksgiving is a time when people get together and say that they are Thankful for something or someone one.  What are you grateful for? Not ...
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Feeling Sad? Talk to a horse!

When I tell people that I provide Equine Therapy, I am asked is the therapy for the horse or the person? And how do you ...
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